sculpture kathleen griffin

“You used to dream of cleanliness, dream of perfection in your wild and chaotic freedom. And now after years of having everything, the having has tamed you and you have become it in ways you never imagined. The horse galloping in the field, the western adventure, gave way to security and hygiene, soap and faucets, dependability you could believe in, Desires as clear as water. So common you trusted them completely. Your legs curling into you, smooth like glass, no longer running, your body learned to hold the water you drank from. What is exotic about this creature is that you have known it all along, its strangeness is it reminds you of what once was. You lay still, thinking “but I wanted this so badly”. You look at your smooth perfection and the simplicity that now defines you, you wonder at how much you have changed.”

About two years ago, I started to see white horses, the symbol of freedom and romance changing into everyday objects, sinks, tubs and shower parts, domesticated and transformed by the desires inherent in those objects, hygiene, security and comfort, a creature becoming the traps it built for itself. I no longer wanted to make work about chasing desire but instead, work about the attainment of those desires and the transformations they impose.These pieces represent a collision of the American ideal and the American dream. The image of wildness, strength and freedom sacrificed to comfort, security and cleanliness.They blend anguish and beauty together, flesh twisting, bodies held in a split second for all eternity, shapes that tell the story. This work explores loss, transformation and resistance, the moment of passing from one state into another. These creatures awake to themselves, reborn as something new.